Hello All, Rocktavious of Red Owl Games - its finally over!

I’m really excited for how much i was able to get done this LD. I got much further then my LD40 entry and that makes me really proud. Like most everyone i was really upset at the theme, but after watching people come up with ideas i came around to the idea of combining a card game + farming sim (think sim farm of the 90s)

Harvest: The Farming

Is a deck building game where you manage a farm.

Given an initial deck of cards you manage a farm (sim farm style) Throughout play you can gain new cards, plants grow, and you try to protect against insects, weeds and weather(flooding). Good luck!


  • Drag and Drop are the controls
  • Cards will recycle when used or discarded (certain cards will not)
  • You will gain new cards at different score levels (both positive and negative)

Things i didn’t finish:

  • Art - there are still a few placeholder images i didn’t have time to draw replacements for
  • Cards - There are only 13 unique cards in the game (can you find them all)
  • Start/Help Menus

Hope you all enjoy and I look forward to your feedback!!!!


Harvest The Farming (Window).zip 17 MB
2018-04-23_21-55-39.gif 2 MB